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15" Dollikin AKA, "The Squirt"

Coveted by many a Dollikin Collector, the harder to find 15" Dollikin is made of all HARD vinyl -- similar in substance to the Miss Revlon Dolls of this era.

The 15" size was also made by the Uneeda Doll Company, and has the Uneeda 2S maker's mark on the back of her neck base.  Like her larger Counter-part (19"), she has the 16 points of articulation.

No-one actually knows when this doll was produced, or how many.  Several accounts state she was only produced for one year -- 1957. 

If you are fortunate enough to find one of these smaller dolls, they are normally missing a limb or two.  As well, the metal joints and pins used in construction often leave deep green stains around the joints.  Fear not.....there are several talented people out there who can help restore your dolly to her near-new condition.

  She has been affectionately dubbed, "THE SQUIRT" by fellow collectors.  I often call her the "brat" too because she is just so darn spoiled and cute, cute, cute!  Any "Squirt" Owner will undoubtedly agree, she is adorable and very much sought after.







The last two photos on this page show my "Squirt" sporting a reproduction outfit, hand-made with outstanding detail and workwomanship, by Diane Martz.  White Blouse, Black Velvet Pants, red gros-grain ribbon neck-tie, and tiny gold bar-tac pin.
The smaller 6" dollikin standing next to the "Squirt", is also in my collection, and is wearing a two piece outfit hand-crafted by me.  She is much more difficult to sew for, than the larger Dollikins. :o)