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Dollikin/Dollikins Dolls

Welcome to my "Dollikins" Home on the Web.
by Collector, Michele Collishaw

Here you will see photos of the 1950's Dollikins Doll, produced by the Uneeda Doll Company, Inc., in the late 1950's. Donned the most "poseable doll in the world", this 19" Fashion doll provides hours of fun for the avid collector. She was advertised as the "Fabulous, Educational Dollikin - The Original Doll Mannikin - A Miracle of Flexibility". Sixteen flexible joints, virtually duplicating all positions of the human body!" This is so true.

Although these dolls are now approaching 50+ years and older, they are readily available for collectors on auction sites around the web. Their prices range anywhere from $50.00 to $800.00, depending, of course, on the condition of the doll and whether she retains her original clothing, box, tags, etc. These dolls were manufactured by the Uneeda Doll Co., Inc, in Brooklyn, New York.

Unfortunately, and much to the avid collectors' dismay, they no longer produce this doll, nor is there any hope of a re-issue for Dollikin.

As with most dolls of this era, they were produced for children, with ultimate "play-ability" in mind. This is why so many of these dollies have been well-loved before they find their way into your heart. So, as you can imagine, it is a wonderful thing for the collector when they are able to find one that is still MINT in her original box, with original clothing, and not a hair out of place.

Please take a few moments to view the pictures of this incredible doll from the 1950's, and see if you are not convinced that she is THE most poseable doll in the world!

I would love to be able to include more history on these dolls, however, there is very little in print (with the exception of the "Hard Plastics Doll & Guide, by Pam & Polly Judd", and a scant couple of magazine articles).  Therefore, most collectors (myself included) can only guess at historical data surrounding this doll.   Most information on these pages was either learned through my own personal collection, shared by other avid Dollikin Collectors, or from joining internet doll groups who freely share their knowledge.  Thanks to all who have contributed so much of your time, experiences, and knowledge.

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Thanks for stopping by and please visit us again, as this site will be under perpetual construction. :o)
To see photos of some of my creations for this doll, please click


Cat in needlepoint; Actual size=180 pixels wide

 MINT IN BOX Dollikin wearing her original "Oriental Fan" outfit.  Collectors affectionately call her, "Lotus Blossom".